Dr.-Ing. Christian Hacker   Dr.-Ing. Christian Hacker

-Assessment of non-native speakers
-Children's Speech
-Focus of Attention
-User States
-Speech Recognition

My research topics in the field of automatic speech recognition

Please visit the subpages for more information about the following research topics.
Click here for infos about my doctoral thesis.
  • Assessment of foreign language learners (non-native speakers):
    see here for informations about my doctoral thesis
  • Children's speech:
    see here for assessment of language learners and here for characteristics of children speech
  • Multimodal classification of the focus of attention:
    see here for user focus detection
  • Prosody:
    see here for assessment of language learners and here for user focus classification and here for classification of emotional user states
  • Classification of emotions and user states:
    see here
  • Speech Recognition:
    see here
  • Acoustic feature extraction:
    see here

Speech Dialog

Current developments at Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, see here for more information.
Find also videos about speech dialog modelling, automotive products including speech recognition, image video showing us at work, and human robot interaction including speech recognition.

Android game with voice control

It is easy to integrate automatic speech recognition into Android applications. However, there a are not yet many games utilizing this feature. VoiceWalker is a voice controlled game.


  • More about my former research in the field of automatic speech recognition at the Pattern Recognition Lab (Computer Science Department 5) of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg: here
  • Current occupation: Project Manager Speech Dialog Systems at Elektrobit Automotive GmbH


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