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Android App: Connect-N - More than Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe (OXO), Connect4, and any combination
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This app provides the games TicTacToe (OXO), Connect4 (4 in a row), or any combination of both games. In any case you will play against an automatic player (AI engine, artificial intelligence) with configurable difficulty level. Additional difficulties and alleviations arise through extra modes like blocking fields, hidden fields, or joker fields.

What is the difference between TicTacToe and Connect4?
  • The field size
  • The number of tokens in a row needed to win (3 vs. 4)
  • The tokens drop down in Connect4 (horizontal vs. vertical field)
Connect-N provides the following games/modes:
  • TicTacToe (OXO): You need 3 in a row to win, drop mode is off
  • Expert TicTacToe (some extras are enabled, see below)
  • Blind TicTacToe (blind game, see extras below)
  • Connect-4: You need 4 in a row to win, drop mode is on
  • Expert Connect-4 (some extras are enabled, see below)
  • Champion 1: Large field, drop mode on, many extras
  • Champion 2: Large field, drop mode off, many extras
  • Expert Champion: 9x9 field, drop mode on, many extras
  • Custom: select any properties and extras
  • Extra Blocking: Fields get randomly blocked and released later on.
  • Extra Hiding: Occupied fields are hidden randomly. The player has to remember, which tokens lie on the fields. For blind game one has to remember the complete history of the game.
  • Extra Joker: The Joker field allows you to play a second token.
Game properties:
  • Field size: Size of the field. 3x3 for TicTacToe, 6x6 for Connect-4. Maximum is 9x9.
  • Goal (N in a row): Connect-N means you have to connect N fields in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). For TicTacToe we have N=3, for Connect4 N=4.
  • Difficulty: Smaller values means a higher chance to win and a faster computation time. Number of computation steps of the computer = difficulty * 10.000.
  • Drop mode: On, if tokens drop down to a field which is not yet occupied (like for game Connect-4)
  • Highscore: Score is calculated separately for the games TicTacToe/Connect4/Champion/Custom. The score depends on field size/mode/winner/looser/tie. The maximum score per session is stored.
  • New Game: player and computer start the game alternately.
  • New (1st player): Player starts a new game
  • New (2nd player): Computer starts a new game
  • Show Status: Secrets of the AI-Engine. The score is shown per field (0=low, 1000=high).